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Pioneering Foreskin Regeneration to Reverse Circumcision: An Interview with the Founder of Foregen

IntactNews speaks with Vincenzo Aiello, the founder of Foregen, a non-profit organization raising funds for foreskin regeneration using the latest regenerative medicine technologies. Foregen aims to provide free foreskin regeneration surgeries for men who were circumcised without their consent.
Vincenzo Aiello, founder of Foregen

Foregen is a not-for-profit charitable association founded to promote regenerative medical therapies for adults suffering from genital injuries. We speak with founder Vincenzo Aiello to learn about the pioneering work of Foregen.


IntactNews: Why is there a need for Foregen?
Vincenzo Aiello: For many reasons. Because of my work, I travel a lot to the United States and when I found out that most of the American men are circumcised as newborns, I am talking of at least 120 million newborns, the first reaction I had was: “These people are crazy.”


But let me explain our point of view. Circumcision is a surgery, surgeries must be performed only when there is a valid medical reason, this means that all the circumcisions performed on newborns were not necessary. The United States is the only country in the world that circumcises many of its male infants for non-religious reasons and this is crazy.


Also, there are court cases where circumcised men are rewarded compensation, but the money makes these people more frustrated because it doesn't give them the results they want, the results of reconstruction surgeries are very poor. I think that the only way to compensate a person for an organ that was cut without his consent is to regenerate his organ.


Many other organs have been regenerated, and I don't think the foreskin is as sophisticated as the bladder or the trachea or other organs


IntactNews: Why not use traditional foreskin stretching methods?
Aiello: They don't regrow the nerves. When I first saw Ron Low's TLC Tugger [a popular foreskin restoration device], I thought it was a very smart device, it was very brilliant how he did every detail. So the first thing that I did was, I went to him and told him that I want to create this organization and I'd like to regrow the foreskin with stem cells. I think this is the future, and I told him: “Ron, I want you to work on this project, because I don't want Foregen to damage your business.” He said, “Thank you very much, thank you for asking, but I think your idea is a different price than mine, and so I can continue doing this, and I hope you succeed, and if you do succeed, I will find a new job. I appreciate the fact that without you even knowing me, you came to my home to ask me this."


I think that foreskin restoration can be considered only a possible first step, but regeneration must necessarily include nerve regrowth.

IntactNews: What are some of the challenges that Foregen has met since starting?
Aiello: I don't think that American men and doctors really want to regrow the foreskin, they do not even know what they are missing, this is the immense tragedy. So, this is the first challenge, make them aware of the loss. Circumcision has altered the species, we want to recreate a new man and recreate a new species.


The American people didn't know anything about Foregen. Some of the intactivists said, “Who's this guy coming from Italy, a country where there's no circumcision, promising something, asking for money and giving us hope? Maybe he just wants to cheat people.” That's what people really thought.


But then last year I went to the Berkeley conference [The Eleventh International Symposium on Circumcision, Genital Integrity, and Human Rights Genital Autonomy 2010], I had the opportunity to speak about Foregen. Also, Ron Low gave me the microphone for five minutes of his presentation to talk to the audience, and people changed their minds. They saw my face personally, and I could answer their questions, and they understood that this effort is genuine.

IntactNews: What are some of the challenges that Foregen still needs to answer?
Aiello: First of all, the registration in the U.S. as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization. We recently applied for this because it's very important to have more transparency and legitimacy. The next step, after we register, we'll go ahead with much stronger fundraising campaigns to promote our ideas and our projects and to talk to people to see if they can help us. We have to spread the message to find the funds to do the research.


We also want to talk about the economic aspects. There is a potential market, a huge market for such a therapy. There are going to be some big profits in the future for this procedure. But it's very important for us to control this, we are going to work with universities and businesses, and this is the only way to do things how we want. I say this only once, we don't only want a coverage of the glans [head of the penis], we want full regeneration with nerves.

IntactNews: How is Foregen going to raise the money?
Aiello: We'll apply for public grants, and pay for fundraising campaigns in order to spread the word and raise more money. We also accept donations through our website, I think one of the biggest problems is that people in the U.S. don't know us, so we need to advertise first. But when they will start to learn about Foregen, things will change, definitively.

IntactNews: What is the state of regenerative medicine today?
Aiello: We have a great doctor here in Rome who regrew the vagina, Dr. Cinzia Marchese, who studied at Harvard, and she regrew the internal vagina of 27 women. As we know, the internal vagina is inner mucosal tissue, and that's what we need to regrow. There is also another Italian doctor who regrew the trachea, and it's also now possible to create any organ, with the proper investment, to have these in a few years, because the technology is already available. It's important to work with two or three different technologies simultaneously to get things done. I have no doubts that the results can be achieved.

IntactNews: How is Foregen viewed by the regenerative medicine community?
Aiello: We have been pushing a lot, but the doctors don't really have the will to regenerate the foreskin, because they consider the foreskin as something useless. So it's been very difficult. But the technology is available.


So far we have received proposals from world-renowned research institutes, including one from the CHUV in Lausanne, Switzerland. But we have to raise the funds first.


Foregen was created in 2010 thanks to donor funds. Foregen operates in the United States and Europe. Its head office is in Rome, Italy, where it is a registered charity (Reg. No. 6482, Serie 1T, 2010). Foregen is headed by a board of charitable directors, with participants and donors across both continents and beyond. Visit Foregen's website to learn more:


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hi, it's so amazing you're taking your personal time and energy to clone vital organs such as hearts. Your research is so knowledgeable about nerves, types of human flesh and tissue. You would be excellent to experiment growing the human foreskin from a clone by a patient; biologically creating the folds that contain the mucocutaneous layers, along with coronal sulcus.

I have to give you too much credit because you are so dedicated to your mission, while Eric Cunningham the messenger of says the following:

"Time and funding are the only things that stand in our way. Spread the word the best you can!"

It's very contradicting and fuzzy logic how most people blare out their genital integrity opinions that boys and men deserve to have; however charities against amputating foreskin on non-consenting males under age of 18 don't create a method unlike Clitoraid who gives reconstructive genitalia for free to women who experienced FGM.

When people argue that they don't have the time and money that is considered idealistic to their standards, they are basically preaching parents not to circumcise their sons; and don't assist those who already have met their fate.
Hospitals are the rampage to stop FGM and heal victims of the crime, while with foreskin amputation hospitals only offer this advice; "Don't circumcise your son."

That is not enough because "circumcision" is a cycle just like "rape" is; if you don't repair the person's genitalia most-likely he or she would inflict or allow it to happen to their children/child. The best way to break the cycle is to therapeutically repair the damage that has been done.

It's interesting how something is considered a "crime". If it's a crime do you only cause awareness by preaching against, or do you actually regenerate some source of settlement that would heal the victim?

I know circumcision is not a light topic.

I'm bringing awareness if circumcision is "BAD?" Why the victims are not being helped. That is way no one is looking at circumcision comparable to FGM because we condone the issue without the scientists who are against this redesigning the foreskin.

If circumcision is ugly or even (worse) than FGM like those who enjoy arguing about it, then doctors have to prove it by standing up for the victims assisting them as if they are third world people.

If you are against circumcision please raise awareness for men and boys to regain their lost boyhood or manhood at laboratories, clinics, and hospitals.
Preaching is not enough.

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Unfortunately, foreskin regeneration may not be available for a long time because medical communities do not wish to support Foregen.

Thus, I started a petition for foreskin regeneration. I think this is a great idea. I got a couple signatures so far. Pretty much most people on the forum signed so I'm trying to branch out and get as many people as possible.

Foreskin regeneration completely undos circumcision. However, the medical community refuses to recognize the importance and demand of foreskin regeneration. Therefore, they don't want to do research. My petition's aim is to show that there is a demand for foreskin regeneration and that men are willing to pay for it. I will send this petition to congress, regenerative medicine and other organizations. We can show them that we want our foreskins badly and we will get them at all costs. If you support foreskin regeneration be sure to sign. Please do not forge signatures. They will be checked and removed. Let me know if you sign the petition. Thank you. Link to petition is below:

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Hey Tyler can you contact me I would like to help spread the word of your petition but I need to know if it is partnered with foregen which I'm a backer on so if your not I would like to talk to you about joining the team. And I will assist you and spreading the word on my sites

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