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Petition to ban non-therapeutic routine infant circumcision

We petition the obama administration to:

Ban non-therapeutic routine infant circumcision.

Routine infant circumcision is in direct violation of human rights. It is also against the Hippocratic Oath; which states: "Do no harm." Circumcision is harmful to infants and the men that they will become. A circumcision itself takes 1/3 to 1/2 of the male shaft skin on the penis. It also takes over 2000 fine touch nerve sensors, the gentle gliding mechanism that is offered by the foreskin, and the protection of the foreskin itself. It causes unnecessary pain to the infant and the anesthesia does not block all the pain that an infant feels. In 1993, a ban was formed against genital cutting of infant females. Under the law the ban should also cover male infants too as the equal protection act states. It's time for all sexes to be protected from this barbaric practice.

Click here to view and sign the petition:!/petition/ban-non-therapeutic-routine-infant-circumcision/2tqgSZtG