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First Ever "4Skin Ride" - World Naked Bike Ride, New York, NY

Event Date: June 8, 2013 - 5:15pm

The annual World Naked Bike Ride is coming to New York City again this year on Saturday, June 8th. NYC Intactivists will be joining in for this fun and (clothing) free ride.

This year's "Skin Ride" - in solidarity with the World Naked Bike Ride - is organized by Times-Up!, an environmental educational organization based in New York City.

Last year's NYC Naked Bike Ride, named the "Body Autonomy" ride, was a huge success. This year's "Skin Ride" is sure to grab attention.

Circumcision is harmful: it reduces the length and girth of the penis, removes tens of thousands of sexually-responsive nerve endings, dries out the penis causing chafing and bleeding, and amputates half of the penile skin, destroying the natural gliding function of the penis.

Hospitals harvest foreskins to sell to companies for research and production of skin tissues for burn victims and for facial beauty creams.

Join us as we use our bodies and our bikes to create the ultimate message: Cut Consumption, Not Foreskin!

Look out New York, bodily autonomy is in!


Event Details:

WHEN: Saturday, June 8th @ 5:15PM
WHERE: Grand Ferry Park on the Brooklyn Waterfront
Ride departs at 6:15 PM


Facebook event page:

Follow NYC Intactivists on Twitter: @nycintactivists

Follow World Naked Bike Ride NYC on Twitter: @wnbrnyc

Visit the Times-Up! website:

Video of previous ride:


Location Details


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This is so disturbing, why would anyoone even? I can't even bring my brain to accept this, i read about this on essay-on-time reviews but i literally thought they were joking but i guess not, this is not okay, especially for children who saw such nudity!