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Send CHHRP to World Pride!

What's CHHRP?

CHHRP (say "chirp", it's easier, we promise!) stands for the Children's Health & Human Rights Partnership. We are a registered Canadian Not-For-Profit organization primarily comprised of physicians and other health care professionals, as well as scholars, legal researchers, and concerned citizens.

We work to end non- therapeutic genital surgery on children in Canada, in accordance with international human rights treaties and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Forced infant and child circumcision violates the most important ethical principles of our profession and, as physicians, we have a moral obligation to oppose this disgraceful practice and properly educate the public about the sexual and mechanical function of the human prepuce. We also believe that non-therapeutic circumcision violates the child's fundamental human right to bodily integrity, as defined by the Canadian Charter.

Please consider viewing this recently produced video which is a 20 minute introduction to this complex issue.


What We Need

CHHRP has been offered not one, but two education resource booths for three days at the upcoming World Pride celebration in Toronto, Canada this June. World Pride organizers anticipate well over 1.2 million people to attend, making this event one of our biggest outreach opportunities to date. 

The barriers are financial, as is usually the case.

We have the following expenses:

  • Booth registration fees
  • Booth insurance fees
  • Canopy tent purchase
  • Printing costs for brochures
  • Items for booth visitors to take by donation
  • Canopy tent banners (which we will reuse as signs to march in the Pride Parade)
  • Transportation costs (moving the equipment and the health care professionals who will staff the booths)

The total budget is over $1000* but we're only asking for your help on part of the expenses, as we want to ensure our funding goal is met. If we collect more than $1000 in donations, they'll be used for World Pride expenses, and any left over funds will be set aside for our next major outreach event.

*We've set the goal amount at $1120 to cover the fund-raising fees.


Our Impact

There's many advocacy groups working on this issue - so what makes CHHRP worth supporting?

  • We are Canada's only registered Not-For-Profit genital autonomy organization.
  • Physicians, Nurses, and other registered health care professionals make up the majority of the CHHRP team.
  • Our education is always positive, always professional, and extremely effective.

In addition to hosting resources booths at events like World Pride, CHHRP advocates and educates via formal letters to the Canadian Paediatric Society, the Canadian AIDS Society, physicians across Canada, and other individuals who are connected to the perpetuation of forced genital cutting. Our print and new media resources, including the well-known and highly utilized CIRP Library, provide fully referenced education to those studying this issue.

Our team is growing each week, and has projects in the works that will engage figures of authority on children's health & human rights at a national level in Canada. We've come a long way in the past two years, and with your support, can continue our work.


Other Ways You Can Help

You may not be in a position to contribute money, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about this campaign. Facebook, Twitter... you know what to do!
  • Contact us at <info AT chhrp DOT org> if you'd like to donate give-away items at the booths.

Thank you!

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