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Help CHHRP Create Their CPS Policy Media Fund

Promoting children's health & human rights via education.

Here's the scoop:

The Children's Health & Human Rights Partnership is initiating a Media Fund. Our first project involves raising $1500 by November 30th to pay for professional dissemination of CHHRP's official response to the upcoming infant circumcision policy statement that could be released by the Canadian Paediatric Society in the coming month or two. CHHRP plans to disseminate its response to the media via Marketwire, a pricey but effective means of media outreach that will target newspaper and television outlets, with a focus on health, parenting, and social issue editors.

  • All funds raised during this specific Indiegogo fundraiser will be earmarked toward paying for a targeted media response to the anticipated Canadian Paediatric Society policy revision.
  • If we are unsuccessful in hitting our target goal for this particular media campaign, we will still mount a response. However, the more funds we raise, the bolder and louder our response will be. If we exceed out target goal, we'll take out some VERY large advertisements and consider any other suggestions you want to send our way.

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Since 2012, CHHRP has built a reputation as an organization of reputable, respected health care and science professionals. Our Advisory Board, Board of Directors, and Partners work across Canada in positions of authority and responsibility. Your support means that we can have an impact at higher and broader levels.

Our last fundraising project in the summer of 2014 was wildly successful and saw CHHRP hit the big time at WorldPride in Toronto, Ontario. CHHRP's team educated masses of guests over three days at two separate festival booths and took part in marching in the longest, largest parade in Canada's history.

Building a Media Fund is the next step in being able to promptly and efficiently address the anticipated Canadian Paediatric Society policy statement. With your help, we can respond professionally during the subsequent media attention.

Other Ways You Can Help

Times are tough. We get that. If you share this campaign on Social Media, we'd be incredibly grateful. CHHRP needs champions like YOU to spread the word now and to maintain that throughout this campaign.

In unity for the children,