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Tell UNAIDS and the World Health Organization to stop promoting male circumcision!


The strategy of mass circumcision is an unethical and dangerous distraction in the battle against HIV and AIDS. Intact America calls upon the governing bodies of the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS to tell the truth: circumcision does not prevent AIDS. Will you help UNAIDS and the WHO get the message by signing our petition now?

Intact America calls upon the governing bodies of the World Health Organization and UNAIDS to immediately issue a declarative statement telling the public, and specifically those vulnerable to contracting HIV, that circumcision does not PREVENT the transmission of HIV. We further call upon you to cease distributing misleading information about circumcision, and to terminate all mass circumcision campaigns, including campaigns to circumcise infant boys who cannot consent. We demand that the funds allocated to promoting and carrying out circumcisions be reallocated to testing, education and treatment.


• Circumcision is NOT a vaccine. Men who are circumcised are still at great risk of both contracting HIV from infected female partners and transmitting HIV to partners who are HIV-negative.

• Other effective means exist to prevent HIV transmission. Anti-retrovirals for HIV infected individuals reduce the risk of HIV transmission by up to 96%, and save lives. Spending money on circumcision while people do not have access to medication is unethical and endangers lives.

• Male circumcision puts women at risk. Men with HIV who are circumcised may be 50% more likely to infect their partners. Women are less able to negotiate the use of condoms with a man when he is circumcised.

• Mass circumcision campaigns squander limited resources by failing to identify those most at risk and failing to offer unbiased information. Supporting circumcision of children and men who are not at risk and may never be at risk is unethical and wasteful.

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