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October 24, 2016

The circumcision rate for American male newborns has declined in recent years to around 50% today. This is due in part to the intactivist (intact + activist) movement, made up of individuals and organizations calling for doctors to abandon what the intactivists see as an unethical procedure. “American Circumcision” gives an inside view of this diverse movement.

“I think viewers will be surprised by the caliber of people who are active in the movement,” says filmmaker Brendon Marotta. “There are some very serious, very thoughtful individuals who are looking at this issue from medical, legal, ethical and religious viewpoints.”

(Brooklyn, New York — October 24, 2016)

Circumcision is one of the most controversial topics around. It’s a decision that most American parents-to-be will consider. It’s also the topic of ‘American Circumcision,’ a comprehensive documentary in the works aiming to shed light on our country’s most common surgical act: foreskin disappearing.

June 17, 2011

“Religious freedom is a federal issue, and medical practice is a state issue, maybe a federal issue as well,” Sherman said today. “Neither of them is in the proper realm of cities.”

The exact language of Sherman’s bill, the Religious and Parental Rights Defense Act of 2011, hadn’t been released as of press time, but Sherman said the bill would be presented to the House Judiciary Committee today or tomorrow. Sherman also said that he was gathering co-sponsors. “One of note is Keith Ellison,” Sherman said, referring to the Minnesota Democrat, the first Muslim American to be elected to Congress.

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